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  • From the house of Navneet, India's biggest education brand serving over 1.5 million students across 9,000 schools across Gujarat, Maharashtra and MP.
  • India's best-known brand for Foundation, Engineering and Pre-Med training with over 100,000 success stories over the past decade.
  • Prof. J. K. Shah, founder and pioneer behind J. K. Shah Classes is a thorough educationist. He has specialized knowledge in coaching aspiring Chartered Accountants (CA) for last 34 years. There are thousands of qualified CAs who have studied in J. K. Shah Classes and have passed out with flying colors. J. K. Shah Classes has virtually become synonymous with the ultimate in CA & CS coaching.A list of ever growing All India Rank holders says all about J. K. Shah Classes.
  • Founded by IISc graduates, The Gate Academy is one of India's biggest brands for GATE preparation with over 25,000 success stories over the past decade.
  • One of India's fastest growing brands for CLAT, BBA and Hotel Management with over 1,000 success stories, over the past decade.
  • Founded by renowned academics with a unique pedagogical framework, Logic Academy is one of the most promising brands for CAT and CMAT prep with over 5,000 success stories.
  • Founded by one of India's best known academics, QUEGRIDS Rank Boosters has been instrumental in driving over 3,000 success stories in NTSE Preparation.

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What Students Say About Us

I would like to dedicate my success in JEE Main 2014 to all my teachers and the entire Resonance team for preparing such Brilliant Online Test series. The package included All India test series along with Topic wise test & DPPs. The detailed micro & macro analysis helped me to identify my weak areas so that I could improve upon them.

Hiresh Gupta

JEE(Main) Marks-297
I am a student of Resonance KVPY online test series. Believe me. Expect for those test series , I have not done any special preparation and I have scored 81 marks based on official answer key. The questions are prepared in such a manner that it covers the entire syllabus in a very easy way. For anyone who wants to excel in such competitive exams Resonance test series is highly recommended due its quality and toughness of the question. I am thankful to the Resonance team for their test series and support extended. I was also a NTSE scholar and prepared through Resonance, though I am from Chennai.

K Jayaganesh

KVPY Online Test Series
I joined Resonance Online All India Test Series in class 12. The online test papers were very useful and helped me practice different types of questions within the time limit. The tests were all according to current JEE syllabus and helped me in JEE preparation. I thank Resonance for providing a very good test series for JEE advanced.

Narayanan V Baradwaj

JEE (Advanced) Rank-580
Resonance online test series is a wonderful program. I thank resonance for starting such a useful test series for the distant students like me. It helped me to know my weaknesses and to overcome them. It helped me a lot in biology especially to know my mistakes. These online tests helped to build up my confidence. Resonance online test series also helped me to get good rank in EAMCET (AIR 846) & Andhra Pradesh PMT. I once again thank Resonance team for helping me through these Online Test series.


THE GATE ACADEMY guides for systematically studying and they help in covering overall syllabus. Online Exam helped a lot for getting the actual feel and competition of GATE Exam. Study Materials helped a lot for quick Reference

Keerthi S.S

GATE Rank 5 - IN
E- Lectures helped me a lot in making a head start in the right direction. It helped whenever I got stuck in any topic. Mock Tests across 50 centers helped me judge my progress both on individual and comparative basis.

Vinod Datusulia

GATE Rank 1 - ME
In one year’s time, I was able to prepare for GATE exam with the help of THE GATE ACADEMY and faculties. GATE Focused study materials and online mock tests helped me know my strengths & weakness to prepare accordingly. I wish all the best to all GATE aspirants and suggest them to go through GATE coaching in case the basics are not clear.

Ashish Behera

GATE Rank 1 - IN
Dear sir, it's wonderful concept & a help for us to study again by video lectures whatever is skipped at class. Thank u all... Superb testing platform and evaluation tool that will help us to improve our weaknesses.

Harsh Dixit​

GATE Aspirant (2015)
Excellent questions and wonderful feedback with personalized analysis. Helps take the sweat out of debugging how to get better.

Vijay Devi

GATE 2015
The one year I spent at iQue ideas was the most enjoyable, the most interesting classes probably I've ever had. The amazing faculty, with a multitude of innovative and creative teaching styles, always made sure that we just didn't learn but also understand what we were doing. Their prime focus on the core concepts and fundamentals of all subjects, the way they taught us all of it from the basics was the main reason we all cracked the entrance tests. The learning and experiences I gained at iQue didn't only help us get into good colleges but it'll also be with us for years to go after that.

Neil Shroff

AILET, NLU-Delhi, 2015
From being a clueless high school graduate to being a law student at one of the best universities of the country, NLSIU Bangalore, it has been a long journey. But this journey would not have been possible without iQue ideas to guide me along the way. Starting from some extremely helpful career counseling by Mohit Sir, iQue ideas has provided extensive material, conducted countless mock tests and renewed my motivation when needed. The faculty’s patience in explaining concepts and clearing doubt has gone a long way in honing my skills and getting over my worst fear, Maths. For anyone giving a competitive exam, iQue ideas will be with you every step of the way and ensure that you achieve your desired result.

Adit Munshi

CLAT, NLU-Banagalore 2015
Well....I did a crash course fr d month of April may 2015 for CLAT at iQue or I should rather say that we had camped in at iQue for 40 days at iQue as it felt to me as home. Though it being the only coaching class for all the nonconventional courses in Gujarat it is one of the best examples of a happily and informally run organisational structures. Each of the faculty seems to have this amazing aura and caliber in the assigned field. Sathya Sir and Mohit Sir literally are intellectual  rockstars. You can have conversations with them from Folk Music to Rocket science. They basically have this mesmerizing oratory and human skills which can make you believe in your work and yourself. Manisha Mam, Chandan Sir, Hyndvi Mam and Firoz sir have  impeccable methods of teaching. The virtual learning programmes, course materials and reference materials add on to the excellency of iQue.The non- teaching staff and the faculty adopts you from the time you get admitted here. Honestly speaking, at iQue, I have had my memories, friends, smiles, laughter, love and an adorable set of teachers and staff. If I can get into India's 4th best law school by studying virtual for some time and a crash course then with a little more work a student undoubtedly would make into his or her preferred institutions. Believe me folks nothing from the above is an exaggeration...Keep Rocking!

Praher Vaidya

CLAT, GNLU-Gandhinagar
IQUE the right institute for the (b)right future. Student entering this coaching institute for preparation of any kind of entrance exam will definitely crack every type of examination. The faculties over here are friendly and helpful and create the warmth and atmosphere which is required by child to be prepared. Not only theoretical knowledge of the student will increase but he/she will also develop a personality which will make him stand apart as compared to students of any other institute. It basically nourishes the mind and increases the thinking capacity of the student along with excellent knowledge.

Meharbanali Dua

IHM-JEE, IHM-Gandhinagar, 2015
I would like to thank Mr. Mohit Mangal, Mr N. Sathyanarayan and the entire iQue Ideas team for imparting knowledge, getting me and my entire batch trained for the aptitude exam. Their teaching style is totally different as they just don't teach us but with the great sense of humor they made learning a lot of fun. I would like to share my experience, I joined iQue Ideas just before a month of my aptitude exam i had hardly anytime left to prepare for the exam. I was very sure that I could not crack the aptitude exam but all the time iQue Team motivated me and helped me to remove the fear. Before joining iQue Ideas I was person who used to remain isolate and shy, I would like to thanks Mr. Firdose not just for teaching but also for making me extrovert,fearless as now I am able to talk easily to any person. I am pleased to be a part of iQue Ideas family.

Shreedha Vyas

PDPU, Gandhinagar
From the beginning of the one year course, iQue ideas made sure that we get the best material and help. They provided us with an ideal environment to study and gain the maximum knowledge available. The vast options of books that could also be borrowed from the library was an addition to the state-of- the-art technology which is used for imparting education. The students could spend hours studying in the classes comfortably with the professors solving the queries as well as refreshing your minds with interesting and mind boggling puzzles. They made sure that we wouldn't get tired with the endless materials and kept encouraging us throughout the year.

Shanaya Udeshi

SET, Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication 2015
I would like to dedicated my success in CAT-2015 to Logic Academy fot preparing such Brilliant Online Videos, Test series. After test analysis gave me idea where my preparation was lacking. Thank You CourseKart to be my success partner.

Sweta Mehta

CAT 2015
The amazing faculty, with a multitude of innovative and creative teaching styles. The prime focus on the core concepts and fundamentals of all subjects, the way they taught us all of it from the basics was the main reason we all cracked the CAT entrance tests. The learning and experiences Worth it and go for it for sure.

Kinjal Ravaliya

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