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Direct Tax - Technical & Critical Pack


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About Course

This course contains 13 volumes of books and a 16GB pendrive with video lectures.

Book Highlights:

  1. Course material approx. 1000 pages
  2. Conceptual Clarity on most difficult issues under Income Tax Act
  3. Practicals
  4. Legal Case Studies
  5. Charts for Critical Concepts

Pendrive contains video lectures on following critical topics:

  1. Assessment, Appeals & Revision
  2. Other Procedures under the Income Tax Act including assessment in search cases
  3. Assessment of Various Entities
  4. Business Restructuring
  5. Income Computatation & Disclosure Standards
  6. Taxation of Charitable Trusts or Institutions


- Video Lectures were recorded during live batch.
- Assesment procedure and Appeals are explained with the help of live case study.

Table of Contents:

Volume No. Contents
1 Profits and Gains of Business or Profession
2 Depreciation
3 Technical Issues on Capital Gains and Deductions u/s 80IA to 80IE
4 Income From Other Sources
5 Business Restructuring
6 Taxation of Trusts and Exempt Incomes
7 Assessment of Various Entities
8 Taxation of Non-Residents
9 Assessment Procedure, Appeals & Revisions
10 Other Procedures including Advance Tax and Interest
11 Tax deduction and collection at source
12 Transfer Pricing
13 Miscellaneous Topics

Sample Notes - Presumptive Taxation & Tax Audit

Sample Video Lecture

About the Author:

Mr. Mehul Thakker is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He is a rank holder in the examinations conducted by ICAI.
Expert in the field of Direct Taxes, He conducts advisory and appellate work.
Authored three books on -'Practical aspects of Finance Act, 2003, 2008 and 2009'
Authored e-books on - 'Practical aspects of Finance Act, 2010 To Finance Act, 2016'
Mentoring CA Students in the area of Direct Taxes since 20 years. Mentored more than 21,000 CA Aspirants till date.
Regularly conducts amendment lectures for the benefit of students through WICASA forum.
Regularly imparts knowledge on Direct Taxes for the members through ICAI branches and Study Circles.

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