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What is KVPY & IJSO?


The department of science and technology of the government of India is funding on-going National Program of Fellowship in Basic sciences, named the Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojna (KVYP) initiated to attract highly motivated and exceptionally talented enthusiastic scholars to a basic science course and to take up research carrier in sciences, engineering and medicines. The Kishore Vaigynaik Protsahan Yojna (KVPY) is started in 1999 and administered by Indian institute of science, gives an opportunity for scholarships and contingency grants up to pre-Ph.D. level to selected students.

The main aim of KVYP scholarship/ fellowship program is to pinpoint students with special ability and aptitude for research; to ensure the progress of most skillful scientific minds for research and development in the country; help them to understand and achieve their potential in their studies and encourage them to take up research carrier in science.


The International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) is a major international team competitive examination open to the secondary school students under sixteen all over the world. This is an annual individual and team competition in the Natural Sciences, includes all basic subjects of Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics). IJSO exam requires a voluminous and excellent knowledge range in all the three sciences and mathematics, as this competitive exam is known for its complexity.

The International Junior Science Olympiad program is of 5 stages which are as follows.

  • Stage 1: National Standard Examination in Junior Science (NSEJS)
  • Stage 2: Indian National Junior Science Olympiad (INJSO)
  • Stage 3: Orientation cum Selection Camp (OCSC) in Junior Science
  • Stage 4: Pre-departure Training Camp (PDT) for IJSO
  • Stage 5: Participation International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO)

IJSO is a purely educational event established for defining the importance of the Natural Sciences in the general education of the young people and all aspects of their lives.

The cardinal aim of IJSO is:

  • To encourage the further development of scientific knowledge and the formation of friendly bond within the scientific community.
  • To promote the carriers of the brilliant students as scientists and future scientific advancements.
  • To arouse the active interest of students in the field of Natural Sciences and reward the pursuit of excellence in scientific endeavor.

It’s a Global competition for students in which top students from each country can be selected for the contest and every student can compete with their counterparts.

Why appear for KVPY & IJSO?

Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) draws an extremely good and genius students having a great ability towards research profession in basic sciences. This program is organized for giving a unique chance to the extraordinarily capable and driven minds to work in the field of research and development, as it provides a platform to scholars for their academic aptitude.

International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) is specially started to provoke and encourage the interest in science among the school students, to unveil them for problem solving, critical thinking and experimentation. The students around the world can get opportunity to develop international contact in the Natural Sciences, they offer the chance to compare the science educational trends within the participating countries.

Eligibility, Selection, and Benefits of clearing KVPY:

Students intending to apply for the KVPY should ensure that they must fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria as specified:-

Student of class 11th, 12th and first-year undergraduates pursuing any of the courses in basic sciences are considered for the selection of this program. This selection procedure of the scholarship program is under the supervision of Indian Institute of Sciences.

IISc appoints a special committee for monitoring applications of the eligible students. After the screening procedure, selected students can sit for a skill test conducted at different centers all over the country.

When the students qualifies in aptitude test, will get eligible to appear in front of a selection committee for an interview. Their rank is calculated on the basis of obtained marks of test and interview as well. Merit depends on the way of performance in the exams and interview and students can get fellowship according to it. The students who are intelligent enough to work for research program are given preference in selection. This is most important reason to appear for KVPY.

The Government of India funds and organize this scholarship program to inspire students to engage in research careers and will grant award up to the pre-doctorial level.

Eligibility, Selection, and Benefits of clearing IJSO:

Students intending to apply for the IJSO should ensure that eligibility criteria are satisfied. The student will be disqualified from the program if he/she is found that he/she does not satisfy the minimum eligibility criteria.

Student of class 10th or junior as of November 30, 2016, who born in India between January 1, 2002, and 31st December 2003, are eligible to appear in NSEJS 2016 – 2017.

This is a 5 stage program so after qualifying in NSEJS. The student will be eligible to appear further subsequent steps which are most important to participate in the International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) 2016.

After clearing the necessary skill and knowledge test, selected six students comprised team and three teacher as leaders will get the great opportunity to set up the delegation to represent the India at the International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) 2017.

Are you preparing for KVPY & IJSO?

If you are preparing for this competitive exams then here is the quick guide for you, with the help of this, you will get an idea for the preparation and score maximum in exams.

KVPY is the prestigious scholarship program by the Department of Science and Technology; Government of India is exploring and nurturing young talent in the field of science and research. The course content is only what the student has learnt till class 12th, no detail syllabus is described for test, to examine the understanding and analytical ability of the student is the main motto, rather than his or her factual knowledge.

Paper style of KVPY:

The test paper will contain 4 subjects Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology in 2 languages i.e. Hindi and English.

KVPY is conducted at different levels based on the student’s class.

In SA question paper consists of two parts containing multiple choice questions for 100 marks. There are no extra questions given for options all the questions are compulsory.

Sr. No. Subject Part 1 Part 2
1 Mathematics 15 questions – 1 mark each 5 questions – 2 marks each
2 Physics 15 questions – 1 mark each 5 questions – 2 marks each
3 Chemistry 15 questions – 1 mark each 5 questions – 2 marks each
4 Biology 15 questions – 1 mark each 5 questions – 2 marks each

In part 1 for each wrong answer 0.25 mark will be deducted, and in part 2 for each wrong attempt, 0.50 mark will be deducted.

Even in SB+2 students question paper consists of two parts but in this level part 1 contains multiple choice questions and part 2 contains descriptive questions.

Sr. No. Subject Part 1 Part 2
1 Mathematics 20 questions – 1 mark each 10 questions – 2 marks each
2 Physics 20 questions – 1 mark each 10 questions – 2 marks each
3 Chemistry 20 questions – 1 mark each 10 questions – 2 marks each
4 Biology 20 questions – 1 mark each 10 questions – 2 marks each

In Part 1 you have to attempt any 3 subjects out of 4 subjects given while in 2nd part you have to attempt 2 subjects out of 4 subjects.

The negative marking system is also applicable here, as for the wrong answer of 1 mark question 0.25 mark will be deducted, and 0.50 mark will be deducted in case of 2 marks question.

International Junior Science Olympiad (IJSO) is a competitive exam for the secondary school students at the international level, so according to this, you must keep in mind that the exam is quite tricky. Any student preparing for this exam should develop the basics of class 11 and 12. Learn the topics from all the three sciences (Physics, chemistry & biology) and mathematics conceptually from the basics and must be able to apply it.

Paper style of IJSO:

IJSO is 5 stage phases program and the student must have to pass all the stages for to get selected in the team of International Junior Science Olympiad.

Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT) organize the first stage for the selection of students in the Junior Science Olympiad Program called National Standard Examination in Junior Science (NSEJS). Aspiring students must have to clear this first stage to get the entry in the next stage. Students appearing in NSEJS can prepare from the books of CBSE board secondary school level.

This is 2 hours test of 240 marks in English. The pattern of this test is a bit different and it consists of 80 questions each question is of 3 marks and -1 will be deducted for every wrong attempt. After successfully completing the first stage of examination student is eligible for the next stage.

How to prepare for KVPY?

KVPY is an important and beneficial exam for the students, if successfully cleared this exam then candidate will be provided direct admission to top institutes like IISc and various IISERs with the scholarship up to pre-doctorate level.

For scoring good in KVPY students need to go through relevant topics of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology of class 10th and 11th. First of all, refer the chapters in which you are good. In this exam, students have to face lots of IQ based problems which are to solve with tricks to save the time.

The best advice for every exam is to solve previous years question papers or practice mock test to make yourself prepare according to time and pattern of the exam.

How to prepare for IJSO?

IJSO is an annually held international exam for the students interested in Science. Students appearing for this exam should have good basic knowledge of science and mathematics. All the branches of science and math are covered and students should have the in depth knowledge of these subjects. Mathematics must be very powerful in terms of problem-solving method withquicker speed and high accuracy.

This is major international competition and it will definitely be high level at every stageand students will be needed to prepare for competing with other fellow competitors. Students must clear conceptual knowledge in all the related subjects. Practicing more is the only way for clearing any exams with good score, so it is also suggested that practice from the previous year’s papers.

All the competitive exams are held to check the core conceptual knowledge of the students.

How we can help you?

If you are looking to crack the KVPY or IJSO but you are confused on how to study or which book and methodology to follow to clear these competitive exams. Then do not worry, we have an optimum solution for you. Any doubt you have relating to the preparation for these exams and all the essential study material and guidance which will be of extreme help to you to score the max in the examination will provided by the experts who have experience of years of these competitive exams .

We provide you the best solution which you can use utilize from your home in your comfort zone. We make available e-learning programs for you, so with the help this you can get the most effective and exquisite learning.

Our content partner is “RESONANCE” which is one of the best institutes in India is very well-known brand for e-learning programs for competitive exams in the field of engineering, pre-med training, educating for higher, appealing and adequate quality with more than 100,000 success stories in past decade.

You will get the e-learning from the highly talented and knowledgeable tutors having particular skills. Methods given by these trainers are undoubtedly excellent, as this approach are checked through rigorous testing and has given productive outcomes from past many years in the history of the institute. You just only need to concentrate and focus more on preparation.

Welcome to best online coaching classes on KVPY & IJSO!

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