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Our Content Partner


Mr. Mehul Thakker is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He is a rank holder in the examinations conducted by ICAI.

Expert in the field of Direct Taxes. He conducts advisory and appellate work.

Authored three books on

-“Practical aspects of Finance Act, 2003, 2008 and 2009

Authored e- books on

-Practical aspects of Finance Act, 2010 To Finance Act, 2015

Mentoring CA Students in the area of Direct Taxes since 20 years. Mentored more than 21,000 CA Aspirants till date.

Regularly conducts amendment lectures for the benefit of students through WICASA forum.

Regularly imparts knowledge on Direct Taxes for the members through ICAI branches and Study Circles.

JK Shah Classes
Prof. J. K. Shah, founder and pioneer behind J. K. Shah Classes is a thorough educationist. He has specialized knowledge in coaching aspirant Chartered Accountants (CA) for last 34 years. There are thousands of qualified CAs who have studied in J. K. Shah Classes and have passed out with flying colors. J. K. Shah Classes has virtually become synonymous with the ultimate in CA & CS coaching. List of ever growing All India Rank holders says all about J. K. Shah Classes.

Introduction about CA final

Chartered Accountancy course consist of 3 level courses CPT, IPCC and CA Final. Here we will discuss about CA final level.

First of all congratulation to all Chartered Accountant candidates who have passed out CA entry level examination CPT, both group of IPCE and has completed 3 years training in article ship or as a audit assistant.

Now, it is a time for final level of Chartered Accountancy examination. CA is considered as one of the toughest exam in the world. Final Level of CA will gain ability to analyze financial statement and report of any type of organizations. To accomplish advance knowledge of direct tax laws, service tax, central excise etc. then you will learn all of in final level of Chartered Accountant.

Benefits of Clearing CA Final

The Chartered Accountant degree is considered one of the most prestigious degrees in the world.

You have reached in CA final level after completing all previous level with great efforts and struggle. You will be glad when you will clear your final level of chartered accountant. This is a first benefit to you and your parent because being a Chartered Accountant; you can give yourself lots of opportunities in the job or starting your own venture.

  • 1) Career path in Organization/Industry:

    If you have plans to work in reputed firm then earning a CA title to your name definitely create a bridge towards your dream job in the firm of your choice. As a Chartered Accountant you can make your career shine in your dream multinational company.

  • 2) Higher Income as a Chartered Accountant:

    Clearing final level of Chartered Accountant will give you better life style and better income sources, so you will feel satisfied when are getting paid for what you deserve. Chartered Accountant can join the government sector, Private sector, and also public sector to increase your living standards.

  • Give you opportunity to form your own business:

    It will give you an opportunity to set up your own firm, with the sound knowledge of the finance and accounting there are numerous opportunities in the world to pursue.

  • Fulfill your dreams and wish to work in overseas company:

    After completing of CA you can fulfill your and your parent dreams, if you seek to settle overseas in any developed nation like USA, UK, Canada or any other country of your choice. It will be very beneficial for you to land a job in the foreign financial institution like an investment banker or financial planner.

CA Final exam Style

CA final exam consists of two groups and each group has four subjects. All subjects of each group are as follows:

Groups Subjects
Group - 1
  • 1. Financial Reporting
  • 2. Strategic Financial Management
  • 3. Advance Auditing and Professional Ethics
  • 4. Corporate and Allied LAWS
Group - 2
  • Advanced Management Accounting
  • Information System Control and Audit
  • Direct Tax LAWS
  • Indirect Tax LAWS

Marks weightage of each group’s subjects is 100. Passing percentage in each subject is 40% and aggregation is 50%.

CA final examination is conducted generally twice a year in MAY and NOVEMBER in major cities of India and other cities of foreign countries such as Dubai (U.A.E.), Abu Dhabi (U.A.E.) and Kathmandu (Nepal).

CA final syllabus

Chartered Accountant final year syllabus consists of two groups and each group has 4 subjects.




Paper - 1   Financial Reporting


Paper - 2   Strategic Financial Management


Paper - 3   Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics


Paper - 4   Corporate and Allied LAWS





Paper - 5  Advanced Management Accounting


Paper - 6  Information System Control and Audit

  1. Part - I:  Financial Services and Capital Markets (50 Marks)

  2. Part - II: Information System Control and audit  (50 Marks)


Paper - 7  Direct Tax LAWS

  1. Part - I:  Advanced Direct Tax Laws (50 Marks)

  2. Part - II: International Taxation (50 Marks)


Paper - 8  Indirect Tax LAWS



Why most of people fail in CA Final?

For most CA aspirant appearing in the CA final states that main reason for failing in CA final examination is inconvenient time, lack of confidence and lack of preparation. After declaring CA exam result there are many sad faces of candidates who have failed to clear their CA exams. So, here we will discuss reasons in bit depth why CA candidates are continuously failing in CA exam. It will surely help you to improve your practice and boost your confidence.

1) Improper analysis and Negative thought:
First and foremost thing that I have ever seen in CA students is that they have lot of negative thoughts and improper analysis about examination. Negative thoughts will definitely lower their confidence. Student can’t properly plan of CA syllabus and can’t start preparation of their exams due to Negative thoughts. So, If you wish to crack CA final exam with good score there is one and only one key is be positive and make your study plan according to your strength and weakness.

2) No proper planning and Time allocation for each subject:
Most of the students make mistake in planning their study routine. So, they don’t plan for preparation of their exam properly due to either carelessness or ignorance of the proper methodology. So, be serious otherwise you will regret throughout your life. If we talk about time management skill then no one will teach you how to manage your precisions time. Everyone has their own capabilities and strength and weakness. So, you have to understand your timing skill and utilize your time according to your strength and weakness.

3) Wrong selection of study material:
This is another factor of failing in CA final exams. You must starts your preparation with proper study material, as course is quite lengthy, every CA aspirant have to complete the syllabus in time and to do that one needs to use proper study material to excel in the particular subject.

4) Lack of practice and Poor presentation:
In examination hall, candidate has to answer in correctly in the given time. So, Every Student must solve their problems with high accuracy and develop your skills in those respective topics by practicing enough and ensure that you attempt your full question paper in time. It will also help you to understand that which question should get how much time? Also try to make your work look as presentable as possible, it will surely give you edge.

5) Inappropriate guidance:
This is another main reason behind failure in CA exam. Some students accept guidance from their senior CA students. It may be sometimes harmful for you. So, we advise you please, don’t accept any one’s advice except expert person who have tons of experience in the coaching. It will distract you from your main goal and disappoint you.

6) No proper time allocation for revision:
This factor mostly affected to most of students who don’t do revision properly before examination. One time revision is most important for every student. So, we advise you to students that please make a quick reference note with your preparation which will helpful to you to revise your whole preparation before examination.

7) Frustration, Depression and panic before examination:
In examination hall most of students fail in their exams due to frustration and Depression before starting exam. This is one of the main reasons behind failing in CA exam. A student quickly feels depressed and Panic due to stress of the examination. So, here you should help yourself by staying positive and strong. Do not lose your calmness and answer the paper with confidence.

How to prepare and clear or pass CA Final?

Chartered Accountant final exams are tough, to clear it one needs to prepare thoroughly and not take it too casually, when you start you preparation in proper way with efficiency and dedicated effort for a consistent time you are going to taste the success in the CA final examination.

Here, we will discuss about how to prepare and clear CA final examination. We hope it will help you to clear the CA final examination. You can clear CA final if you are committed to study plan and prepare & practice all the important topics. Follow all the below steps to excel in the CA final examination:

  • 1) Make a plan and timetable for preparation:

    First of all you need to look over syllabus of CA final which we have discussed above, according to the syllabus make your study plan for starting your preparation. You can allocate timing for each subject by making time table. It will be very helpful to you and will enhance your preparation.

  • 2) Never waste time and utilize it utmost:

    If you want to crack CA final examination with good percentage then you should start your preparation for exam at very early at least 14 to 16 hours daily should be devoted for studies. Timing is most important for daily study so, don’t waste your time in smartphones, internet and television. Avoid it all as far as possible and do more practice for both practical and theory subjects. To improve your writing skill, first of all specify time to write answer of one question after you should try to complete your answer to the question in specified time.

  • 3) Give special focus on the ICAI study material:

    It is most important topic for preparation of exams because most of students confuse about which material should refer for CA final examination? So, always refer ICAI provided study material and do lots of practice from it.

  • 4) Refer last year’s papers and practice from it:

    From papers of last year, you can understand what type of question asked in examination and pattern of question? And try to write all the answers of question. You can also revise test papers. It will improve your time management skill, writing skill and solving skill.

How we can help you?

Are you preparing for CA Final? But confused about how to prepare, which study materials to refer or what methodology to use for preparation?

Then don’t you worry we have an optimized solution for all your problems about preparing for CA Final. We have brought you the video lectures from the famous JK Shah Classes and Mr. Mehul Thakker.

You can avail the video lectures from the comfort of your home, their methodology and study material is proven to make students clear the CA Final examination, many of their students have cleared the examination in the first attempt. You can too clear your CA Final examination in the first go.

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Reviews & Ratings

Time bound completion of classes and exhaustive study material tought by experienced professors helped me achieve my goal. Thank you JKSC !!!

Kedar Khanolkar

Final CA Nov.'12 - 16th Rank
Time Bound and Conceptual clarity is the biggest plus point of JKSC.Impressed by the professionalism of JKSC.

Nabeel Kazi

Final CA Nov.'12 - 49th Rank
Thanks to JKSC. I give all credit of my success to JKSC. It was like a treat studying at JKSC. All the professors have put up their hardwork and encouraged us at each and every moment.

Nikhil Saraiya

Final CA Nov.'12 - 30th Rank
Best class for CA. Thanks to all professors of JKSC. Always completes portion on time. Very good and experienced professors. Explanation given from practical point of view, which a student can easily remember in future.

Hitesh Jain

Final CA Nov.'12 - 47th Rank
I have studied at JKSC for CPT, IPCC and Final CA. I have thoroughly enjoyed this entire experience. It has been a tremendous learning experience. I would thank all my professors for their guidance and support!!!

Siddhant Jain

Final CA Nov.'12 - 48th Rank
I will owe credit of being CA with Rank to JKSC. What I am today is because of JKSC. It is the factory which produces CA Rankers in every 6 months. It is that type of dedication, efforts and conceptual knowledge with best explanation students received from so many years from experienced professors of JKSC, which help them to go through any difficult task. I am very thankful from bottom of my heart to JKSC and every faculty members for helping me a lot to make me such extra ordinary person and get me valuable degree. Thank You!!!

Niyati Loladia

Final CA Nov.'11 – 43rd Rank
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