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What is UGAT?

Under Graduate Aptitude Test (UGAT) is a standardized test allocated by All India Management Association (AIMA) annually since 1996. This aptitude test is designed to screen the most deserving candidates for various undergraduate programs such as integrated MBA (IMBA), BBA, BCA, BHM, B.Sc. (IT), B.Com (e-Com), B.Sc. (Bio-tech), etc.

This test is taken at national and international level with the objective of supporting 10+2 students for admission in the various bachelor courses.

What is IPM-IIM?

IPM is a 5 year integrated program in management. This program was launched by IIM Indore in the year of 2011. This unique and creative program are worth valued for young students who are ambitious for managerial and leadership skills.

IPM is designed to attract younger students to mold them with effective leadership quality by providing world class education.


UGAT is an opportunity to make your self-eligible for IPM-IIM. If you are ambitious enough for leadership roles and responsible position, UGAT is the way to make it reality. A potential candidate can get fair chance to get overall visibility of institutes. Any institute can produce individual score card of the student. Cut-off score and further screening are based on available seats.

Benefits of clearing UGAT:

  • UGAT can be given at any age. There is not an age to appear in UGAT. So, whenever you decide to go for further studies, this is an option to complete your dreams.
  • UGAT is conducted in all the key cities of the country. So, you can appear in the nearest center of yours.
  • UGAT provides both paper based and computer based mode for the exam. No worries, if you don’t have any particular skill of computer, still you have a fair opportunity to cultivate your study.
  • Students who have completed 10+2 or appearing in the same, both are eligible for applying in UGAT.


Before selecting any career course, you should be aware of the actual reason to choose it. An integrated program in Management IIM is an integrated diploma focused on management. In this, you will be given exposure of IIM from the beginning of UG. If your interest is in management, IIM will provide you outstanding opportunity expand your education graph in management.

Benefits of IPM-IIM

This program combines first 3 year of UG and next 2 years of PG education. This course is helpful to develop your language and communication skill. It also helps to enhance awareness of moral understanding. First 3 year of UG gives you the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge of subjects related to management studies.

Another 2-year program is designed to develop your social consciousness and critical thinking as well. It also helps to inculcate ability of integrated thinking. Sound understanding of ethics is the necessity of any business leader with good command of writing communicative business messages. This course gives you the complete idea about it.

Are you preparing for UGAT and or IPM-IIM intro?

If you are preparing for UGAT and or IPM_IIM, go through following points.

  • First and most important thing is hard work, but if it should be done smartly, success will undoubtedly remain with you.
  • When you are reading any subjects, keep habit to prepare notes.
  • Study each chapter thoroughly.
  • Revise all sections regularly.
  • Make a schedule according to time and subject, follow it strictly.
  • Always start with your favorite subject, it will make you more confident.
  • Go through the previous Years papers. Try to solve it. So, you can manage time.
  • Don’t neglect strong subject of yours, give maximum practice on a weaker subject.
  • Never be anxious because today is the best day to start your preparation.

Paper Style

UGAT Exam is taken in 2 hours for BBA BCA etc. It considered 150 questions, and it includes four sections like English language, Numerical and data analysis, Reasoning and Intelligence and General Knowledge.

Section 1 contains 40 questions of English language.
Section 2 contains 30 questions of Numerical and data analysis.
Section 3 contains 30 questions of Reasoning and intelligence.
Section 4 contains 30 questions of General Knowledge.

UGAT for BHM having two more sections of 25 questions of service aptitude and 25 questions of scientific aptitude.

Exam type is based on multiple choice questions. You are not allowed to keep mobile phones or other calculative gadgets during the exam. You have to report your presence before 30 minutes of review.

The first section of English dominated by general English, vocabulary and reading comprehension.

The second part of numeric and data analysis dominated by numerical and analytic calculations of mathematics.

The third part of Reasoning and Intelligence dominated by the mixture of logical and mathematical reasoning.

The fourth part of General Knowledge dominated by an awareness of current economy, politics, books, authors and business trends, etc.

How to prepare for UGAT and IPM-IIM?

Students are busy with a completion of the subject, but mugging up will give you stress, and it will never give you the satisfaction of understanding. Here is the correct path to complete your test with better understanding.

  • Always do prior preparation. Check your queries and sort it out in advance. Try to solve your questions smartly.
  • Speed and accuracy are needful to resolve all problems. For that, keep track of your conscious effort.
  • Constant practice is the only key to perform well. It will brush up your skill. Every attempt can sharpen you which might occur you missed earlier.
  • You should practice all subjects thoroughly. When you practice it, again and again, it becomes handy.
  • Always think to complete it correct, quicker instead. Rush in to complete first might be a reason to ruin your matter.
  • Always carry real mind while you are preparing UGAT. Your effort and understanding of the subject will definitely help you.
  • Be confident about your preparation. Try to remove the slightest doubts before few days of exams.
  • Revision makes your mind sound. Never choose newer topics during end days of training.
  • Once you prepared well and cleared all doubts and queries, make yourself relax. Be ready with a positive attitude and complete calmness, and you will surely crack the exam.

It is necessary to get your Admit card before the exam, kindly follow the following procedure.

  • Check this website link seven days before the test date.
  • Access individual admit card using UGAT Registration Form Number.
  • Take the printout of the admit card from the above link.
  • Admit card will have the roll number and test center address.
  • Affix on the admit card two similar photographs.
  • Get the photographs on the admit card attested by any Gazetted Officer or Head of the Institute / College from where the candidate has passed or going to pass.
  • Report to the test center at least 45 minutes before the scheduled commencement of the trial.

Generally, results are declared within 3 weeks from the date of exam. Further process of selecting institute will be based on your score card.

How we can help you?

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